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British Army soldiers patrol the streets of Ballymurphy on the look out for the IRA (Irish Republican Army), Catholic West Belfast. The enemy is everywhere but nowhere to be seen.

The current rounds of Troubles in Northern Ireland started in 1968 when Irish Catholics, who for years had been living under pretty dreadful conditions and discriminated against by the Protestant majority and the Pro-British government, began to try  to get some sort of equality under the law by adopting the policy of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement in the United States. From t here things have dragged on and escalated into violence between the Catholics, Protestants and the government. I first went to Northern Ireland in 1995, to document a bit of their life and history.  I have tried to understand both sides of the story. Here you will see some images of  the people of Northern Ireland and the beautiful country that they struggle for. To learn more about, the history and all about Northern Ireland and the latest news, please go to links page at the end of the essay. To view map of the region click Here.

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